How to have space fun in … Prague?

Prague, Czech Republic - Credits: B4S

Prague, Czech Republic – Credits: B4S

Prague is the very dynamic capital city of Czech Republic which offers some possibilities for having space fun. Czech Republic joined the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2008 and renewed the country’s motion in space. The Czech Republic’s involvement in space started in 1969 when payloads developed in the former Czechoslovakia flew on the Intercosmos-1 satellite. One of the most significant achievements was when Vladimír Remek spent 6 days on the Salyut-6 orbital station in 1978, making Czechoslovakia the third country whose citizens entered space. Currently the Czech Space Office coordinates many different sectors of research, development and applications.

For the general public

The public is invited to visit the Štefánik Observatory. It is located in the heart of Prague in Petřín’s parks at the Hunger Wall. The very friendly staff are mostly volunteers and will be pleased to welcome you in Czech and in English. If you arrive at night (21:00-23:00) you will have the pleasure to perform some celestial observations, during the day however, the observatory focuses on observations of the sun and sun spots.

Štefánik Observatory in Prague - Crédits: B4S

Štefánik Observatory in Prague – Crédits: B4S

Štefánik Observatory - Credits: B4S

Štefánik Observatory – Credits: B4S

Additionally, the National Technical Museum of Prague has a gallery dedicated to astronomy. The public will find many old and new instruments for celestial observations among other fun space items. The main gallery also has a floor dedicated to aerospace. Currently there is a specific exhibition showcasing the Czechoslovak satellites Magion (70’s-90’s) and the astronaut Vladimír Remek.

Magion satellite - Crédits: Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR in Prague

Magion satellite – Credits: Institute of Atmospheric Physics AS CR in Prague

For the space enthusiast

In 2013, the Czech Space Office, itself located in Prague, published the Czech Space Catalogue. Not less than 42 entities (universities, institutions and companies) are located in Prague. Many departments of the Technical University of Prague and research institutions are working on space related projects in close relation with local companies.

Particularly, the Institute of psychology academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and QED group are both studying human Behavior in Space. They have contributed to the project Mars500 by socio-mapping for monitoring communication within work teams, including those exposed to extreme conditions. The Mars-500 mission was a 6 man psychosocial isolation experiment conducted between 2007 and 2011 by Russia, the ESA and China, in preparation for an unspecified future manned spaceflight to the planet Mars.

The dynamic of a small group in a confined and extreme environment must be studied very carefully for a long term mission. Monitoring the crew psychological health and difficulties are essential for the success of any space mission. Crew mates must be able to perform social interactions and handle different issues. The behavior of the entire crew can drastically affect the success of a mission.

Prague will provide you with a greater understanding of the significance of space in the Czech Republic. This city has definitely a role to play in human space exploration. It may not have been somewhere you thought space activities prevailed, but you should not forget that we are all…

Born For Space!



5 thoughts on “How to have space fun in … Prague?

  1. Tutankamun said: “with exponential Progress³ of Science and Technology, in the Future things will come which now not can even imagine”

  2. …interstellar travel constant acceleration (Sun-Deneb: 1000g)… Earth…the 2 ships that will go formation flying for mutual asisting if there are problems…indestructible structures made of Hexapentas material, awaiting in airport the arrival of passengers… Day 1: zero-speed… THE SHIPS TAKEOFF►… navigation computer places on screen the spacecraft in the center of sphere…spherical\tridimensional\spatial Heading: Deneb… Antimatter rocket engines…ON… Here we go…goooooo!…1g…10g…100g…constant acceleration cruise: 1000g (9.8 kms/sec²)… Inside of living areas (the same as going submerged in water: constant acceleration downwards…less…constant thrust, constant acceleration, from water upwards)…the gravitational transformers, perfectly synchronized with the acceleration, running: 1000g constant acceleration toward the floor ↓↓(motors)↓↓…less…999g constant acceleration toward the ceiling ↑↑(gravitational transformers)↑ = 1g constant acceleration toward the floor↓… 8.5 hours: light-speed = 1c…the fusion reactor as an artificial sun illuminating the immense Vital Support Gardens to lowering, from their comfortable apartments, cheerful passage to the pool…the electromagnetic shield anti-radiation…antigravity fields generator run forward, working: light objects away from the path of the ship…and trajectory ship away from the heavy objects…superluminal-speed > 1c… 42.5 hours: reaches hyperluminal-speed = 5c… Day 508: Half Journey…1000 light years…high hyperluminal-speed = 1435.39c… OFF engines…a few minutes of weightlessness during maneuver…the ship rotates 180º around its axis…motors ON again and… ◄STARTS TO BRAKE… Day 1017 (2.79 years): End Path party…2000 light years…zero-speed… The forever young passage of the 1st Immortal Generation (3D Bioprinting…Telomerase…modified Biological Timers…) disembarks at destination: an extra-stellar planet which came errant to orbit of Deneb giant.

  3. …interstellar travel (thousands G of constant acceleration)… gravitation, dimensions and inertia: the Matter… The electromagnetic radiation: quanta (pieces) of energy in discrete amounts (minimum and independents), photons, which move in waves… Why energy quanta (photons) are attracted by gravitational fields of “stellar lenses” curving their trajectories and move on?…go ahead because they have inertia…and are attracted because the Energy also has Gravitation, but does not manifest because it no emits Graviton, or emits in imperceptible degree, because it has to be condensed enough like in matter for that, but it is sensitive to Gravitation from Matter emits… Energy and Gravitation “associated”…and…the Gravitational Force is another manifestation, unknown yet, from Energy…(no “curvature” of that called “space-time” relativistic)… When was finished contraction, F=G((m1*m2)/d²), the pre-early Universe; (no relativistic “singularity”, but it was a Sphere with dimensions and outside the Infinite Empty Space); was nedd have as its starting point towards the expansion, one first action: when all Universe´s Matter wast almost infinitely compressed and hot with all subatomic particles in direct contact without empty space among them, then →Gravity← becomes ←Antigravity→, those hyper-dense Matter becomes Energy (“infinites”: Temperature + Energy + suddenly Antigravity = Big-Bang)…already again how a New Universe in expansion cooling, appears again the Matter from Energy…and again antigravity becomes normal Gravity… Its particle exchange, the theoretical Graviton yet…maybe “quanta of gravitational energy”… The Energy (e=mc²) is sensitive to Gravitation but hardly emits Graviton… The Matter, which is condensed Energy (m=e/c²), emits now Gravitons proportionally to its density… The Matter with normal density, naturally, emits few Gravitons (weak intensity of gravitational force). But…if someday could transform some of matter, not in Energy by annihilation with antimatter but entirely in Gravitational Force with an exponential Gravitons (or antigravitons) emission…would have a way to amplify the Gravitational Force a certain amount of mass… Light (photons) can be directed with a mirror… Gravity (gravitophotons) perhaps also can be directed someday the same such as light in a car´s headlight placed in ceiling looking downwards… This would be necessary for having artificial gravitational attraction only towards the ceiling in all the floors of the ship, each down´s floor must has less own gravity-power because receives gravitational attraction from all up´s floors. This can be difficult to observe in Universe because, although with unequal intensity, there are Gravitational Forces actuating from all directions. But in…gravitational transformers…for spacecrafts to thousands G of constant acceleration…

  4. The theory of relativity is a Monumental Hoax. Know 354 days to 1g of constant accelaration and they will see it. Someday when superluminal ship takeoff, it will go beyond. Mass not increases with velocity. Time not decreases with velocity. Speed of light only is an ordinary velocity more. Gravity dows not is a “curvature” of that called “space-time”, really it is a Force, like Electromagnetic Force, “space-time”=velocity-bacon. The “motor” Warp is another falsehood relativistic concept morer. Time put everyone in their place. Are not the “physics laws”, are the “relativistic physics laws” that is not the same. And now, they can to continue with the relativistic Tales of “the Lorentz factor & Co” that already minus remains…1000 years?

  5. (2)…interstellar travel (thousands G of constant acceleration)… The Electromagnetic and Gravitational Forces have some obvious similarities (fulfill the Law of Inverse of the Square) as both are “inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separate”…distance between the poles of two magnets the Electromagnetic…and distance between the centers of two masses the Gravitational… Just as now can using the Electromagnetic Force for obtain different voltages, currents and electrical powers…electrical transformers…perhaps someday when that mysterious Gravitational Force reveal its secrets, can also using it and amplify its emission (converting the mass exponentially in Gravitons) somehow for obtain different intensities and gravitational powers…gravitational transformers… Spacecrafts with indestructible structures and the distribution of a building of housing flats (where are the foundations would the nozzles)… Antigravitational fields directed forward would go shoving and accelerating the space´s dust until reaching (the dust) almost ship-speed the dust´s cloud matter-feeder (“fuel”) always placed at ship´s front, leading dust with Gravitational peripheral fields; already the dust with slow differential-speed between dust and ship (each dust´s particle already does not is a bullet); towards the ship converters matter/antimatter, where at half of matter would transform in antimatter to feed the insatiable demand for the voracious annihilation rocket engines ejecting the appreciable mass of the Pions, produced in large quantities, through the nozzles to the speed of light…a rocket´s thrust = ejection by nozzle (mass*speed) in each second…and maintaining indefinitely to the ship at thousands G of constant acceleration… Powerful gravitational fields inside the living areas would counteract the HUGE CONSTANT ACCELERATION of the ship, keeping them to 1 G…

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