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Phillippa and Angélique were born a bit too late to participate to the space race. Most of the great achievements belong now to history and the collective enthusiasm disappeared. Nowadays, everybody uses space in daily life without noticing it. We all still benefit from the heritage of the space race but no event comparable to a man on the Moon has taken place for more than 40 years. Today, we need a second push-up in order to live this feat again.

The main purpose of this blog is to promote human space exploration. Phillippa and Angélique wish to make you understand the complexity and the importance to of crewed spacecraft in deep space. Born For Space exposes human and technical challenges and also demonstrates that space is important for all society. Everybody is welcome to read this blog and provide feedback.

Born For Space will be regularly enriched with articles. It envisages to provide commented posts about space exploration, human spaceflights and, major events. It aims to compile all information regarding current projects and all accomplishments realized by any organization. It also covers any problematic areas related to the exploration of outer space by humans: sciences, technology, arts and, social aspects. Phillippa and Angélique wish to have guest writers and original stories to form the heart of this blog.

We are all Born For Space!

Why make a blog together about space?

Angélique and Phillippa first met in 2012 while completing their Master in Science from ISU – International Space University – in France. During which they shared a lot of time when they both worked on the same team project Mars-X: exploring Mars from Martian orbit. In order to earn the ISU Master degree, they both completed an internship at NASA Ames Research Center in California during the amazing summer of 2013. Angélique and Phillippa worked together in the Exobiology Branch growing algae for future life support systems.

In the meantime, they discovered a mutual passion for space exploration and human spaceflight and agree on the necessity to enhance outreach regarding human space exploration.

Angélique and Phillippa are two strong personalities and they definitely are space sisters.

Biography – Phillippa Blabler

Phillippa Blaber

Phillippa Blaber

Phillippa Blaber was born in Brisbane, Australia. From a young age, she has been passionate about outer space. She studied Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia. She completed her undergraduate degree with Honours in 2011. While pursuing her Bachelor’s, she interned with a mechanical engineering firm called Jemena located in Sydney. While with Jemena, she focused on the structural integrity of gas pipelines. In 2012 Phillippa attended the Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program (SHS-SP) and as a result completed a graduate certificate in Space Studies from the University of South Australia and the International Space University. Phillippa continued with the International Space University and in 2013 graduated with a Master of Science in Space Studies in which she completed an internship at NASA Ames Research Center.

Find her on LinkedIn See Phillippa Blaber profil on LinkedIn

Biography – Angélique Verrecchia

Angéelique Verrecchia

Angélique Verrecchia

Angélique is a French aerospace engineer who grew up in the country side of Paris. Since she was a child, she had a fascination for outer space and truly believes that we all must explore the cosmos. In 2010, she earned an aerospace engineering degree with Honours from ELISA – Ecole d’Ingénierie des Sciences Aérospatiales – in France. Following this she worked for two years in a small company specializing in Cubesats named ISIS – Innovative Solutions In Space –  in The Netherlands. In 2012 she commenced one year of study at ISU – International Space University – in France with a specialization in business and management.  During which she had the pleasure to be an intern in the Exobiology Branch of the NASA Ames Research Center in California. Her true love is human space exploration and she wishes one day to have her own crewed mission to solve mysteries of the Universe.

Follow her space adventures on Twitter Follow Angélique VERRECCHIA
Find her on LinkedIn See Angélique VERRECCHIA profil on LinkedIn

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