An astronaut: symbol of the 20th century?

The astronaut of the Cathedral of Salamanca in Spain.

The New Cathedral of Salamanca was built between the 16th and 18th centuries. It was formally consecrated in 1733. Salamanca is in the west part of Spain located 200 km from Madrid.

In 1992, the New Cathedral of Salamanca was restored and one of the artisans, Jeronimo Garcia, decided to integrate a modern figure of the 20th century: an astronaut.

This surely means that human spaceflight is one of the great achievements of modern mankind.

New Cathedral of Salamanca's astronaut

New Cathedral of Salamanca’s astronaut

Anecdote: Jeronimo Garcia kept the secret of the astronaut for a while. Initially, nobody was able to explain the presence of this astronaut on the wall of the cathedral. Some crazy theories emerged claiming that the astronaut was the result of alien invasion or time travel.

More info about this anecdote on Portal do Astrmómo (Portuguese) here.

New Cathedral of Salamanca - Credits: Aly Jentges

New Cathedral of Salamanca – Credits: Aly Jentges

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