Companies free from space agencies… That’s called NewSpace

Nowadays it is the fashion to talk about « NewSpace » but it is not easy to properly define it. This term appeared during the 80s but has become very popular in recent years.Born For Space would like to propose its own definition.  The website uses terms such as “alternative” and “different significantly”.  This shows the rupture with standard approaches to space, for example: a prestigious space agency contracting a company to complete a major space mission. But is this really a different way to go to space?

Born For Space regards NewSpace as private companies which are independent of governmental space policies and funding, promoting universal and cheap access to space.

Space agencies are completely dependent on governmental policies and funding. They achieve and have achieved major space missions but they cannot make major decisions alone.

NewSpace companies are mainly involved in the following areas:

  • Low altitude (i.g. Zero-G)
  • Suborbital and commercial spaceports (i.g. Virgin Galactic, Masten Space System)
  • In-orbit and access to space (i.g. Nanoracks, SpaceX)
  • Deep space exploration (i.g. Deeps Space Idustries, Moon Express, Orbital Sciences)
Some NewSpace comapnies: Masten Space System, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX

Some NewSpace comapnies: Masten Space System, Virgin Galactic, SpaceX

Many NewSpace companies were created autonomously, by people fascinated by space all around the world. These companies are generally funded by private investments and do not normally target space agencies as unique customers. They don’t need to be fully compliant with the national space policy and they can develop their own space program.

Deep Space Exploration

Currently, favored destinations would drive spacecraft to the Liberation/Lagrange points, the Moon, Asteroids, and Mars. Deep space exploration covers several activities mainly related to: research, servicing a space-based economy, mining and In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), the tourism industry and, human settlement.

These companies are characterized by focusing on low cost approaches to their programs. Due to launching systems still being expensive and the absence of governmental funding, they are composed of small teams and make incremental innovations.

So what does this mean for human space exploration?

Human space exploration has a place in NewSpace. Due to the limitations of agencies and governments, NewSpace has a hand on the human space exploration market. Actually, it is one of the most significant characteristics of News pace. Some New pace companies are primarily aiming to improve human presence in outer space including through human settlements on other celestial bodies.

More about NewSpace on the NewSpace Journal website.

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