100 good reasons to go to space !

To have good time on the Moon - (Drinking Carlsberg beer - Advertisement) Credits: Carlsberg

To have good time on the Moon – (Astronaut drinking Carlsberg beer on the Moon – Advertisement) Credits: Carlsberg

  1. Why not?
  2. Because we can.
  3. To shut up the people who said: “No, you can’t”.
  4. To extend human limits.
  5. To expand human knowledge.
  6. “Earth is the cradle of humanity, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.” Konstantin E. Tsiokovsky (1911) – astronautics pioneer
  7. Because we are not afraid of a challenge.
  8. To be a part of the exploration of space.
  9. To tell your grandchildren amazing stories about the beginning of the space odyssey.
  10.  To evoke the next step of human evolution.
  11. Improve daily life on Earth by pushing development of advanced technology
  12. To foster international cooperation.
  13. To understand “life”.
  14. Because the benefits of a mission are not quantifiable.
  15. To inspire people.
  16. To better understand the human body.
  17. To help people understand that we must preserve Earth.
  18. To develop space tourism.
  19. To be part of history.
  20. To understand the value of our home.
  21. To understand the value of fresh water.
  22. To improve water management.
  23. To investigate alternative food systems.
  24. Because we are not robots.
  25. To get a better spot to observe the cosmos.
  26. To make people ninjas of waste management.
  27. To meet some aliens.
  28. Because this would be the next giant leap of humankind.
  29. Because we control our destiny.
  30. Because we are born to explore.
  31. Because it is difficult.
  32. Because it is not forbidden.
  33. Because it could be the largest peaceful enterprise of humankind.
  34. To have a cooler rocket than Tintin.
  35. To one day have affordable space travel.
  36. Because you can be on-board of a spaceship.
  37. To have an interplanetary Yuri’s Night!
  38. To make all Sci-Fi movies to look obsolete.
  39. Kids will play with astronauts instead of Barbie dolls.
  40. So artists can paint reality.
  41. To break free.
  42. Because everybody has a role to play in space exploration.
  43. To become an astronaut.
  44. To have a cool application of mathematics.
  45. To invent new sports.
  46. To improve medicine.
  47. To improve human behavior.
  48. To smell other planets.
  49. For you.
  50. To make tele-reaching a commonplace.
  51. Because geologists rock!
  52. To easily modify the trajectory of dangerous asteroids.
  53. Because it is not a dream, it is near future.
  54. To be prepared in case of alien invasion.
  55. To change the world.
  56. To eat Moon cakes on the Moon.
  57. To watch “full Earth” from the Moon.
  58. To understand that Earth is unique.
  59. To have a spare place when Earth dies.
  60. To open a gateway to the Solar System.
  61. Because the space race doesn’t belong to the past.
  62. Because we are not the center of the universe.
  63. Because discoveries are invaluable.
  64. Because “I am from Earth” will truly mean something.
  65. To develop sustainable and efficient propulsion.
  66. To develop a sustainable and efficient power supply.
  67. To better control radiation.
  68. To watch movies made of real space pictures.
  69. To hear the silence of space.
  70. Because you could be the first human on Mars.
  71. To eat a Mars bar on Mars.
  72. To be a pioneer.
  73. Because if more people go to space, more people will follow.
  74. Because we have questions.
  75. So we can get answers.
  76. To be a hero.
  77. Because we can’t wait anymore.
  78. Because everyone must have a chance to go.
  79. Because there is no easy kind of exploration mission.
  80. Because no robotic mission will be able to perform as a human does.
  81. To have another point of view on the Milky Way.
  82. To keep scientists busy for a long time.
  83. To play the Star Wars theme song among stars.
  84. To feel weightlessness.
  85. To have an Interplanetary Space University.
  86. To watch a spaceship race!
  87. Because a lot of people are already volunteering.
  88. To understand what humankind truly needs.
  89. Because so many people dream of it.
  90. To end the debate of whether pencils are more efficient than pens in space.
  91. To improve the intellectual level of TV shows.
  92. To understand that Earth’s atmosphere is thin, fragile and precious.
  93. To do the Moon Walk on the Moon.
  94. To lie on the moon and stare up at the stars.
  95. Because it is only the beginning of the story of humankind.
  96. Because many people were not born in 1969.
  97. To touch the Martian ground.
  98. To benefit from clean energy.
  99. Because space is the place to be.
  100. Because we are all Born For Space!